Gérard Bertrand

Welcome to the Soleilla Spa. The Spa is open to both hotel and non-hotel guests. Our experts welcome you for a unique and holistic experience


SPA Soleilla, your SPA in Narbonne

The SPA Soleilla

At Spa Soleilla, we create unique and holistic experiences that harmonise body and mind. With the help of products concentrated in active ingredients and advanced techniques, our treatments are regenerating and balancing. Located in the heart of a villa overlooking the vineyards, living to the rhythm of the sun, our spa is an invitation to radiate.

"To undertake everything to live a unique moment of excellence.


Pass between the hands of our experts to offer you a magical experience and enjoy

of our facilities in the heart of nature with a breathtaking panorama of the domain of La Clape:

a spacious sauna and a regenerating rest room,

three spacious and elegant treatment rooms with extreme comfort,

highly renowned partners for a holistic and dermo-cosmetic care offer.

Your reservation at the SPA in Narbonne:

From Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm

The Spa is open to hotel guests as well as outside clients.

gastronomic restaurant in the heart of a natural site - restaurant l'art de vivre château de l'hospitalet narbonne

Biologique Recherche

The facial expertise of the French brand Biologique Recherche is based on forty years of experience and relies on unique care protocols customized to the Instant Skin© of each individual.

Suitable for both men and women, facials are divided into 3 basic phases:

The evaluation phase - Analyze your skin's specific needs

The initialization phase - Preparing and balancing the epidermis

The care phase - Targeting each problem and treating it in depth



Holidermie's mission is to accompany active women on a daily basis so that they remain beautiful and radiant longer:

Preserving and beautifying - their skin from the inside out.

By contributing to their well-being - physical and psychological.

By allowing them to take care of their style - even in their bathroom.

A synergy of expertise and styles for global beauty. Proven effectiveness and performance increased tenfold thanks to the synergy of active ingredients, nutrients, pre and probiotics in skin care products and food supplements.

gastronomic restaurant in the heart of a natural site - restaurant l'art de vivre château de l'hospitalet narbonne


With a name that holds the promise of rebirth, Origine opens up the best of nature to your senses.

The demand for beauty, texture, fragrance... All this is the signature of Origine.

A harmonious blend of research and cosmetic craftsmanship, Origine skin care products combine in a symphony of fragrances. The Origine signature is a promise of escape.

Let yourself be carried away, Origine awakens your senses.



Biologique Recherche has developed a partnership with the Wellness For Cancer Association to offer personalized care to people affected by, or having recovered from, cancer.

Each treatment and each person being different, the experts Biologique Recherche certified Wellness For Cancer will know after a specific diagnosis to propose products and manual techniques adapted to your needs.

Facials in Narbonne

Toleskine Care

For a relieved skin
Whether it is due to hereditary causes, the result of heavy medical or aesthetic treatments, intolerant Instants de Peau© need special attention and immediate comfort. This unique SOS treatment will relieve the skin while strengthening the epidermis, reducing skin sensitivity, and decreasing redness and itching.

75 minutes
Pre and post aesthetic medicine care

Special attention
If you have undergone or are planning to undergo a medical aesthetic procedure, we offer you targeted treatments to prepare your skin in order to optimize the result or accelerate regeneration. Please mention this when making your appointment.

Cure of 3 treatments
Double-Lift Care

The ultimate firming and toning treatment for slackened Skin Instants©, lacking structure and tone. The features and volumes of the face, neck and décolleté are tightened for a restructured skin.

90 min
Hyper Hydra Care

For deeply rehydrated and replenished skin.
moisturizing and sublimating treatment for dehydrated and lipid-depleted skin. Restores the cutaneous barrier.

90 min
Cure of 3 treatments

Full body care & Signature

Signature massages

Relaxing, soothing or tonic

With the advice of your therapist, choose the type of pressure to apply and the areas of the body to focus on. A massage that is completely personalized and adapted to your needs in order to eliminate tension and soothe the mind.

60 minutes
90 min
Brazilian remodeling draining care

To regain a feeling of well-being and immediate lightness. 

This body treatment combines lymphatic drainage techniques and Brazilian pressure methods. The use of Gua Sha also tones the body by redefining its contours. Ideal for a treatment, this deep treatment detoxifies and reactivates all the body's circulatory systems. This treatment visibly reduces cellulite and limits water retention.

60 minutes
Mommy-to-be massage

Specifically created to meet the needs of women at this precious time in their lives, this massage will relieve back tension, promote blood circulation and provide a real moment of comfort and relaxation.

30 min.
60 minutes
Full body scrub and massage

Treat yourself to a complete treatment with a full body scrub followed by a massage of your choice. Your skin is exfoliated, cleansed and liberated, breathing again and enjoying the full benefits of a massage.

60 minutes
90 min

The little joys

Express Glow

To reveal the natural radiance of your skin
Combining drainage and lifting stimulation on the entire face thanks to maneuvers inspired by the Japanese KOBIDO method, this flash treatment will bring light and freshness in record time. A real booster for dull and tired complexions.

30 min.
Scrub and back massage

Scrub and massage

After a back scrub, you will enjoy a massage adapted to your needs...

30 minutes

Face and/or body packages

5 treatments of 60 minutes : 500€.

5 treatments of 90 minutes : 640€.

*excluding Toleskin and Hyper-Hydra' treatments

gastronomic restaurant in the heart of a natural site - restaurant l'art de vivre château de l'hospitalet narbonne


Timetable and reservations

Our spa is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm - 2pm to 7pm. The Spa is accessible to hotel guests as well as to external clients. Reservations can be made by phone at 04 68 27 75 08by email at : spa@gerard-bertrand.comon the internet, or at the reception of the Château l'Hospitalet Wine Resort Beach & Spa.

Your care

In case of cancellation, we ask for a delay of 24 hours before the treatment. Otherwise, we will be obliged to charge you the price of the scheduled treatment.

We recommend that you arrive at the Spa 5 minutes before your treatment time. Any delay on your part will be reflected in the treatment time reserved. The time indicated for treatments takes into account the client's installation in the cabin.

In the spa, we ask that you wear at least a bathrobe. There is no "nude" area. Access is possible for children over 16 years of age who must be accompanied by an adult. Animals are not allowed.

Our spa is a space of well-being and relaxation, we advise you to turn off your cell phone once you are there in order to enjoy the full experience and to respect the tranquility of our clients.